The APIs & Apps/SaaS platform
For users/consumers, discover quality APIs (not so few!) and access them in seconds
For editors/providers, gain from lightspeed market access and easy monetization

For data consumers

As data consumer, you need reliable datasources and easy access.
APIfew offers both in a single place.

Simplified Due-D
APIfew provides relevant information on the provider company, and metrics on service availability and responsiveness.
Global picture
APIfew interfaces gives a clear view on aggregated licenses data. It's straightforward to adapt licenses or effective consumption.
Centralized management
APIfew allows to manage employees licenses from a single account. It helps to rationalize license consumption.
Simplified invoicing
Drastically reduce the number of invoices and people involved in their handling. APIfew aggregates them all in one single line.
Transparent and safer
APIfew acts as a trustful third-party. No more need to implement your own counters and limits. It's already there!
Discover quality datasources
Data consumers find on APIfew a global offer of quality APIs/Apps, accessible from one single account.

For data providers

As a data provider, you need to proove your reliability and offer easy access to your data.
APIfew offers both in a single place.

Lighting fast onboarding
Your APIs/Apps get ready for consumption within 5 minutes.
Easy monetization
Avoid the hassle of billing, payments monitoring, VAT computation, licenses management... APIfew takes charge of it.
Flexible licensing
You can define various license schemas (upfront, subscription, per request...) with high granularity (per route licensing)
User management
For APIs, APIfew authenticates every request for you. For Apps, it tells your app if users have active license.
Increase your customer base
APIfew focuses on professional grade APIs/Apps. With APIfew you can gain first class clients.
System monitoring
APIfew helps you to proove your reliability with constant monitoring. You get alerts if a problem is detected.

APIfew pricing

Simple and fair pricing.
One choice: all included!

For users/consumers
Users/developers only pay licenses to relevant APIs/Apps
For data/service providers
Under request
No additional cost: all APIfew services are included in this pricing (payment processing included)
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